Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brunching in the Berkshires: “Brix Wine Bar” in Pittsfield

Rick’s Recipes has been dormant for a couple of weeks, partly because it is Lent, and I haven’t been doing any cooking worthy of note.

I have never done any restaurant reviews, nor do I feel particularly qualified to do so, but we had a very nice brunch experience today at Brix Wine Bar in Pittsfield, which I thought I would share with my Central Berkshire readers.

We often go to brunch after church, and I hate (not too strong a word) buffets, because you eat way too much, and there are hygiene issues best left unsaid.

We have gone often to the ever-dependable Café Reva, where the food is good, the service is friendly, and pretension is nowhere to be found.

However, it tends to be crowded when we leave church, and it is a small room and a little too noisy for me.

I have known about Brix for some time as a first rank wine bar that also serves some food, but it wasn’t until this weekend that a visiting friend, who is both a restaurateur and French, told us that Brix serves very good food.

I can only vouch for the brunch, but it was first-rate.

Brix is in a nicely appointed narrow room in a faux Bistro style.  It is quiet, with soft (and good) music. We were by a speaker and the waiter asked us if we like the music turned down, which we did because of my brain injury. He did so, but nonetheless we enjoyed Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry“ and something from “Ladysmith Black Mambazo” in sequence, which is a hard to beat mix.

The food itself is straightforward with old brunch classics like Eggs Benedict (with Applewood smoked ham), Eggs Florentine, a variety of innovative omelets, and some nice looking crepes. Those, a variety of croissants, and the ubiquitous bistro dishes Croque Monsieur and Madame, are the only real nods to being a French bistro.

They have the usual assortment of legal beverages (a bloody Mary is $8).

The wait-staff was relaxed and professional. The food was brought promptly and was hot. Everything seems either local or homemade or both.  They have good plunger pot coffee in regular and decaf.  There were a couple of  families there and that seemed fine with the staff.

The prices are a little higher than what we usually see in Pittsfield, but considering the quality, quite reasonable.  The Eggs Benedict, for example, is $11.

I would and will go back for brunch.  It's on 40 West Street in Pittsfield, just down the hill from Park Square.  Their phone number is 413-236-9463. Give it a try.

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